There are many reasons why people suffer left lower back pain. Exercising too much or repetitive lifting of heavy objects can lead to muscle strain in this area. Poor posture and obesity also adds strain to the left lower back.

Wear and tear on the back as well as aging are more serious reasons for left lower back pain. Also common is arthritis where the joints in the back become inflamed and worn. Thinning of the cartilage disc between the vertebrae can also cause left lower back pain during movement since the cushion becomes thinner and loses its elasticity. Osteoporosis can occur and is one of the biggest causes of severe left lower back pain.

A herniated disc can cause a pinched nerve, which can cause left lower back pain. It results in weakness and pain throughout the back and legs and can go as far down as the toes.

The lower left back plays a very important part in the overall health of the back as it is made up of many different structures that support movement and ad stability to the back for said movement. This area of the lumbar protects the spinal cord with five vertebrae. The nerves within the spinal column are responsible for sending signals from the brain to the muscles throughout the entire body.

Just by knowing the structures that are supported by the lower back can assist in its treatment of left lower back pain. Rest is the initial treatment as it will limit the amount of stress and weight on the back. When the left lower back pain has been reduced, physical therapy can be a good option to further reduce the left lower back pain. Exercises and stretches can strengthen the muscles in the lower back and helps to avoid any further left lower back pain. Careful not to overdo the exercises and always warm up before any exercise. If significant damage has been done, back surgery may be necessary to correct the left lower back pain.

In order to maintain a healthy back and to avoid any left lower back pain, maintain a good posture when sitting, walking, exercising or standing, control and maintain a healthy body weight, do not smoke, and be careful not to put too much strain on the back when lifting heavy objects. Do not sit or stand for long periods as this can also affect the lower back and cause left lower back pain.

You need to watch for swelling, stiffness, aches and acute pains. If necessary, visit a doctor or emergency room to avoid further damage to the back. A doctor can provide exercises to ease the pain in the back, especially left lower back pain. Do not do any exercises without consulting a physician first to ensure that you do not cause yourself any back pain. When you have permission from your physician to do regular exercise, take care to not hurt your back, as it is the support system for your entire body.