You’ve heard that old saying about getting up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning right? It may or may not have something to do with lower back pain mainly in the mornings, but if this rings true to your situation, time to look at your mattress.

My mattress? My old faithful mattress, the one I’ve had since college? Yup, that very one! If you have been waking up with lower back pain mainly in the mornings chances are your college days aren’t now. Chances are the scoop in the middle of it where you always used to lie just doesn’t give you the support it once did. Really, it’s time to part with your
lower back pain mainly in the mornings old college mattress.
And how do you know it’s your mattress that is giving you the problems? You can tell because you are getting lower back pain mainly in the mornings when you get up. There’s not much doubt it’s the mattress particularly if it is more than 10 years old. Yes, people actually do keep their mattresses that long and even longer. If you keep on sleeping on this older mattress that doesn’t offer your back the kind of support you NEED, your lower back pain mainly in the mornings will just keep getting worse.
But you LIKE your older, softer mattress? It’s comfy and – hold that thought right there. You’re right it is softer and THAT is the problem. You got it because you liked it softer and thought it would be good for your back. Nope! Time to re-educate yourself and your back. The truth of the matter is, the softer the mattress the MORE back pain you will have. So while you thought you would not have lower back pain mainly in the mornings with a softer bed, you now have it in spades. And the reason? Your too soft (and older) mattress.
Why isn’t softer better for your back? You toss and turn all night and if you have a soft mattress, there is no structure to provide them with support. That means your muscles are moving around as much as you are, trying to find a good place to rest and can’t. Talk about exercising under protest. This is why you wake up with lower back pain mainly in the mornings – because your back had nothing to support it all night.

Does this mean a harder mattress? Yes, it means a harder mattress but not one like a board. You want one that conforms to the shape of your body. Time to start hunting for a good mattress and in the meantime, try not to panic about your back spasms. They will go away, and with a new mattress, it won’t take that long.
Just remember that with just about every back “attack” benefits initially from a short period of rest first. But, don’t spend that time in your old bed (or your new one for that matter). You need about 48 hours to get some rest and then start doing something about your pain. Try lying on the floor or a harder bed (see, that’s why you need a new mattress) and have your knees and feet up on a chair. Or, some prefer lying curled up with a pillow between their legs. Do what you have to do, but ensure you get your circulation flowing around your spine by walking and gentle stretching. This will help promote healing.