There are many things you can do on your own to find lower back pain relief. You don’t have to suffer day after day. Many cases of lower back pain aren’t bad enough to drive you to the doctor, yet the continual or intermittent pain is enough to interfere with your activities. Getting up in the morning, picking up heavier objects, bending and squatting, and any twisting at the waist can cause pain that’s uncomfortable and tiresome.

There are many therapies you can do at home for lower back pain relief. Managing your own back therapy sessions gives you the option of instituting any of a number of methods that have proven to work for most people with pain that occurs during the performance of daily activities. You can even sneak a few into your workday if you so desire.

The first “home remedy” is doing limited exercises to begin strengthening the lower back muscles. The lower back muscles are often the source of pain and not the lower spine itself. When muscles are weak, they are more prone to injury and sprains. You can begin an program that includes the following exercises which target the lower back. These exercises will stretch the muscles and make them strong and flexible so they are better able to handle your daily activities.

* Lie on your back with knees bent and pull one knee at a time to your chest

* Lie on your back and flatten your lower back against the floor; release tension and repeat

* One your hands and knees, first round your back up to the ceiling and then curve it towards the floor

* On your hands and knees, raise the left arm and right knee and hold

These are just a few of the kinds of exercises you can do to find lower back pain relief. Another method of pain control you can use at home is ice or heat packs. Ice packs will reduce muscle inflammation, while heat promotes healing. The choice you make depends upon your injury or strain. The one caution about using ice and heat packs is to not apply them directly to the skin. You want to wrap the ice or heating pad in a towel or cover so you don’t cause any skin damage.

You can also try some of the over the counter medications for lower back pain relief, but do so with a full understanding of how they will affect your lifestyle. Many of the over the counter medications are now what used to be prescription strength. They will interact with other drugs you may be taking for other ailments. Anti-inflammatory medications can cause you to bleed abnormally or even cause liver damage. These medications should only be used according to the package instructions.

You can usually find lower back pain relief through adherence to a home pain management program if you are consistent. But sometimes you have to admit your home plan isn’t working and will need to see a doctor. The doctor has a large array of options to offer for lower back pain relief. The doctor will probably do some tests first to make sure there is no spinal disease or damage.