Suffer from lower back pain sciatica? Then you will truly know what the hounds of hell feel like when you try and move. This is the pain you get in the sciatic nerve that zaps from your lower back right through your butt and into your leg. Usually lower back pain sciatica is caused by a herniated disc compressing one of the roots of the sciatic nerve. One thing is for sure it hurts “bad”.
While lower back pain sciatica has been confused with lower back pain in general, it is not considered to be as common as the causes of lower back pain in particular. You will know without a doubt if you happen to have lower back pain sciatica, that the pain is way more severe that lower back pain, even though its point of origin is in the lower back. The worst thing about lower back pain sciatica is how fickle it seems to be. One minute it is frying your butt with hot intense pain, and the next it fires its way down into your lower leg and foot.
While there is no specific injury normally associated with lower back pain sciatica, it is thought that standing in an odd position, sitting funny, heavy lifting and even sneezing (which most of us do on a daily basis) may cause the problem. There have been instances of impaired bowel and bladder functions associated with sciatica.
Lower back pain, while not as severe as sciatica, still can hurt enough to mess your lifestyle up. While lower back pain may be acute onset (under 3 months in duration), or chronic (lifetime) it is a constant source of pain and aggravation. No wonder those in long-term pain get depressed and anxious.
Aside from using the conventional treatments for lower back pain, such as painkillers, ice/heat, exercise etc, keep in mind there are several other alternative therapies you may wish to try. For instance, massage therapy, acupuncture, acupressure, herbal therapies and even vibrational healing therapies and Reiki.
These alternative medicines in most instances cannot harm you (be aware of how herbals affect your body before you try them) and in some instances can really make a significant difference to your whole outlook. Never underestimate the power of the mind/body connection. This is applicable even when dealing with lower back pain sciatica.
Before embarking on any kind of alternative therapies, always make sure to visit your doctor first for a diagnosis of what is wrong. There is no sense in guessing what your problem is and then getting the wrong therapy or herbal. It’s your medical practitioner who will rule out lower back pain versus sciatica or other problems that may be causing your lower back pain. The key test is the doctor manipulating your legs in certain ways that would stretch the sciatic nerve.
If you do happen to have an inflamed sciatic nerve chances are you will be given anti-inflammatories for it, a home program of stretching and exercises. You can of course check out alternative therapies to use in combination with conventional medicine.