A large percent of the population suffers from back pain, especially lower back pain. Many people find themselves unable to function in their daily routine, often missing time from work, due to lower back pain. Fortunately, lower back pain is usually not serious, at least if you receive lower back pain treatment right away.

Usually lower back pain is caused from a strain or sprain in some part of the lower back. Very seldom will lower back pain result in surgery. There are, of course, some exceptions such as a ruptured disc or serious injury from a bad accident. In serious cases like this, there will be more than just the basic lower back pain treatment.

When you first begin to feel the pain in your lower back, it is important to use ice to prevent swelling. It shouldn’t be used all day long, however. It should be used for about 15 minutes every few hours throughout the day. This should be the first lower back pain treatment you use for your lower back pain. Although many prefer to use heat because it feels better, it’s not advisable to use heat in the beginning of the pain as this can sometimes make the pain last longer. After the first day or two, you can switch to heat or alternate between the two. Get as much rest as you can the first day or two. You many want to take some simple pain relievers such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, etc. Tylenol, Motrin or Advil have been known to be quite effective as a noninvasive lower back pain treatment.

After the first couple of days, you should try to get back to your normal routine as much as possible, even if you are still having pain in your back. Medical studies now indicate that too much bed rest can actually aggravate lower back pain and make it last longer. Exercise is an important part of lower back pain treatment. This is not to say you should go out biking or jogging if you’re still in pain, but simple walking and doing your normal activities will help your back get back in shape quicker.

If the pain hasn’t lessened in a couple of weeks, it’s time to see a physician. A physician will be able to look at your back with a trained eye and possibly take X-rays to see if any damage has occurred that you’re unaware of. In most cases, he will tell you to do what you’ve been doing (ice, heat, rest, exercise, etc.) and if that doesn’t help, he’ll probably send you to see a physical therapist. Physical therapy is a very common lower back pain treatment. Therapists specialize in every part of your back and how it should and shouldn’t look and perform. Their lower back pain treatment may consist of massage, exercises, ultrasound or electrical nerve stimulation.

In most of the cases with lower back pain, these treatments help the patient. In the occurrence that they don’t, you may have something more serious and will need more tests from your doctor. Your physical therapist will give you may tips on how to prevent further lower back pain problems by taking care of your back.