Lower back pain can affect anyone at any time, although the age that is most affected in from 17 through 45, when people are in their most productive years. Lower back pain may come on either side of the back. Your doctor can recommend a lower left or lower right back pain treatment, depending on where the back pain is located. There are many different symptoms for your lower right back pain. Some are similar to if you have pain in other areas of the back. However, some are completely different.

When you first see your doctor, he’ll ask you for your medical history and do a complete evaluation. He won’t start you on an immediate lower right back pain treatment until he is sure of what is causing the pain. Many times patients get frustrated with the treatment and recommendations they receive from their doctor because they are not getting an immediate fix. Doctors have to be sure of what they are prescribing or recommending for their patients, not only to avoid malpractice lawsuits but also to avoid further damaging the patient’s condition with a wrong diagnosis. If you are given lower right back pain treatment when you have a much more serious problem, the treatment could do you more harm than good.

The pain or numbness you feel may be in the lumbar spine region. The pain may also be a shooting pain from the sciatic nerve straight to the buttocks or back of the thigh. Lower right back pain may also be an excruciating pain or simply a dull pain never-ending pain. These may be signs of disc herniations. With lower right back pain, the pain may get worse during the day or after strenuous activities and lifting. The morning or rest may bring relief in lower back pain. Many people experience pain in their lower back area when they cough or sneeze.

Lower right back pain can come because of overuse of the muscles from heavy lifting or bending the wrong way. It may also be the start of a serious problem with the liver. Part of the lower right back pain treatment will be to avoid heavy lifting as well as applying ice on the affected areas. Often the doctor will have you alternate between ice and heat. If an overweight person is experiencing lower right back pain, the doctor will often recommend a diet to avoid some stress on the back due to carrying the extra weight.

If the patient is a victim of disc herniations, the lower right back pain treatment may consist of bed rest for a couple weeks until it starts to improve. Physical therapy is also recommended both acute and chronic lower right back pain to relieve the pain and slow down the degeneration of the parts of the back involved. Physical therapy will not only provide you with exercises to help with the pain, but will show you new ways of standing, walking and bending to avoid future back problems. Anti-inflammatory drugs are usually given to sufferers of lower right back pain.

In extreme cases, surgery is the recommended lower right back pain treatment, but this in only when all other treatment methods have failed.