Back pains have been affected people for many years and for many different reasons. There have always been the traditional treatment methods starting with ice, rest and pain relievers. When these methods fail to relieve the pain, the patient is sent to a physical therapist for therapy, stretches and exercises. In more serious cases, surgery is often required to take care of the back pain. Although these different treatment methods usually work for the patient, they often take months-months the patient can’t spare from their daily activities. There are now some new back pain treatment methods to help sufferers get relief from their back pains.

Many people feel that surgery is recommended too often for back pain sufferers as well as when it often be treated non-surgically. Some of the new back pain treatment methods offer relief without surgery. One case is with patients that have sciatica problems. Most of the sciatica patients have relief within a year whether they have surgery or not. Many feel that surgery should be used as an absolute last resort when all else fails.

One new back pain treatment for individuals with disc problems is spinal decompression. Often what causes disc problems are the disc material moves away from the disc, which causes the pain. Spinal decompression is a process where there is decompression to the spine, which forces the disc material back into the disc by means of suction. It addition, it also allows fresh blood to flow through the affected area, which expedites the speeding process. With the use of this new back pain treatment, patients are usually back to normal within a couple weeks as opposed to a few months or longer.

Although not new to some, the use of natural herbs, vitamins, minerals and exercises is a new back pain treatment that many choose as an alternative to the traditional prescription pain relievers, physical therapy methods and possible surgery. With the use of all natural supplements, the patient not only begins to feel better, but also does not have to miss time from work or experience uncomfortable side affects.

Another new back pain treatment some patients are trying is Botox treatments. Botox, acting like a poison, kills the pain signals that are going from the nerves to the muscles, thus eliminating the pain. After the pain is gone or lessened, the range of motion begins to increase again. There is not a lot of proof of the validity of Botox as a pain treatment that should be used on a regular basis. When it is used, it must be from a qualifying physician.