Posture or improving it is not something most people notice or even think about until upper back pain causes them to slow down and realize that their bad posture is causing the problem. Everyone has heard or been told that slouching results in a round back or that they should stand up straight because it improves their appearance but it often takes pain and discomfort that will not go away to make a person take notice. Upper back pain causes you to realize that your poor posture is having a negative effect on your health and it is time to do something to improve it and become pain free again.

You might have some doubt as to whether your posture and upper back pain are related or that you are experiencing pain from your postural muscles. Many people say that their upper back pain causes a burning sensation that only disappears if they stop whatever they are doing and rest for a while. If your pain and posture are related, you usually feel much better after you have had a chance to lie down and rest because there is no pressure or strain on your upper back. If you sit in bed and read or watch television curled up on the sofa, your pain will usually continue because your posture is still aggravating your upper back muscles.

Upper back pain causes people to suffer and give up many of the activities they enjoy such as golfing, jogging, going to the show or playing with their puppy. If your upper back pain causes you to change the way you are living, and poor posture is the reason, it is time to do something about it. Just being aware of your posture when you are lying down, standing or sitting and then adjusting your posture slightly so your body stays aligned can make a huge difference in helping relieve your pain. Throw out any old or broken down pillows and purchase a pillow that supports your neck and back properly, and make sure your mattress is firm and provides good support.

Other upper back pain causes include sitting in one position for too long. If possible, get up and move around at least once every hour, to stretch your muscles. If you spend a lot of time on the computer, a monitor that sits too high or low or a chair that does not give you the support you require will cause back pain. Along with making changes to improve your posture, there are posture specific exercises to help alleviate upper back pain.