Constant neck and upper back pain affects thousands of Americans with pain, ranging from modest to severe. Often caused by problems such as misusing or overusing your neck and back; trauma; mechanical injuries; health conditions; and poor posture. The symptoms may include sharp, stabbing pains, constant burning or tingling, a dull ache, or an incessant pain. Almost every movement the human body makes involves your neck and back directly or indirectly, which can make living with constant neck and upper back pain almost unbearable. Many people are looking for ways to relieve or control their upper back and neck pain without expensive treatments or prescription drugs. There are highly effective products available today that help ease neck and upper back pain but are very cost effective and non-addictive.

On the market are a large variety of great pain reliever gels, creams, and sprays that bring effective, quick, comfortable relief to constant neck and upper back pain sufferers and are available in roll-ons, creams, tubes, or small spray bottles, for carrying with you or larger sizes for home use. While some pain relievers feel warm when applied and others feel cool on your skin, they all produce deep penetrating heat to ease your pain. Just like other products, some pain creams work better on some people than on others, so do not get discouraged if you find the one you choose irritates your skin or leaves an uncomfortable burning sensation. Many others are available to select from that work to relieve constant neck and upper back pain without uncomfortable side effects.

Heat and cold therapy are a very old remedy recommended by doctors for many types of pain relief including constant neck and upper back pain, pulled muscles and strains. For cold therapy treatments, you can use ice cubes wrapped in a pillowcase, cold gel packs you place in the freezer but remain flexible, or cold compresses. A cold treatment brings relief to your sore neck and upper back by reducing inflammation and swelling. Heating pads, covered hot water bottles, and microwavable heat packs help bring relief by increasing the blood flow to the sore area, speeding up recovery time. Some doctors recommend only a cold treatment, or only a hot treatment, but some recommend alternating.

Never ignore constant neck and upper back pain because it could become debilitating or chronic, so it is important to see your doctor to find the cause of your problem. The sooner your physician identifies the cause or nature of your constant neck and upper back pain, the faster you can start treatment to relieve the pain.