Chronic back pain is a serious problem in America today with a large percent of the population suffering from it at one time or another. Many thousands of individuals can function on a day to day basis due to the pain. Many hours of work time is lost from chronic back pain as well as many workmen compensation claims being filed from the chronic back pain.

Many individuals don’t go to the doctor at the beginning of the back problem. They often feel with rest in bed, chronic back pain will go away. Usually by the time the pain has developed to the stage of being considered “chronic”, it’s turned into something serious-something needing more than just laying in bed. Chronic back pain shouldn’t get to the stage where it’s chronic and for it to be chronic; it’s been present for at least three months. Although the beginning of a back injury may be helped by resting in a bed, chronic back pain usually needs much more treatment such as medications, physical therapy or possibly surgery for a serious problem.

At the beginning of a back injury (provided it’s not a serious injury) the doctor may prescribe over the counter medications, heat or ice and bed rest. If this doesn’t help after a few days, the doctor will recommend more serious measures such as exercise and physical therapy by a qualified physical therapist. Surgery is usually not recommended until all other options have failed, with the exception of a serious apparent injury to the spine or other parts such as you would see in an automobile accident.

As important as it is to get proper rest in bed, chronic back pain has, on occasion, been caused by poor sleeping arrangements such as poor mattresses, etc. It’s very important for our back to be in a stable straight position for the hours that we are in bed. Chronic back pain can develop when the back is repeatedly twisted or bent in a position that is not healthy. Often, we don’t realize what we are doing to our back until it’s too late. Many times we wake up with a backache and just assume “slept poorly” and shrug it off. In some cases, it’s an isolated incident and doesn’t happen again. But, in other cases, it’s the beginning of a pattern of poor sleeping and back pains. If not corrected, it becomes chronic back pain, requiring a doctor’s care to get the back in the proper healthy condition.

If your mattress or bed does not allow you to get a good nightly rest while in bed, chronic back pain can very easy develop considering you sleep at least 6 hours each night. Don’t ever ignore any back problem that goes on longer than a few days.