Anytime someone sustains an injury, there is a cause for the pain or problems they have developed. They go to the doctor and tell them what happened and what is bothering them. Even though the doctor may run a series of tests, he often can base his diagnosis just on your report alone. Back pain, especially chronic back pain is sometimes difficult to diagnose without a lot of tests. If the patient remembers turning a certain way, lifting something heavy, pulling a muscle or being in an accident, it gives the doctor some ideas of where to start and what to look for.

Treatment of chronic back pain without a cause, however, is much more difficult. It seems hard to imagine a person developing chronic back pain without a cause but it does happen. Some people have reported that they went to bed feeling fine and woke up with a back ache. Because they didn’t do anything strenuous to injury their back, they just try to wait it out with heat and rest. Sometimes this works, but other times it doesn’t. In cases like this, the pain will get worse and continue for a long time turning into chronic back pain. At this point, going to the doctor and trying to get treatment of chronic back pain without a cause will be very difficult.

Treatment of chronic back pain without a cause can be a quick diagnosis if nothing serious is injured. Often in situations such as this physical therapy proves to be quite helpful. In other situations, treatment of chronic back pain without a cause can result in a lot of money spent trying to determine the problem. If nothing in particular happened to “cause” the chronic back pain, the doctor has nothing to base his theories on so has to start from scratch, so to speak.

Usually the first treatment of chronic back pain without a cause the doctor will recommend is exercises, heat, and over the counter medication. The doctor will ask that you allow a certain amount of time to go by to see if you get better on your own. If this doesn’t help, the next thing may be a prescription for pain relievers and/or muscle relaxants. If the muscles in your back were pulled or stretched and you’re not aware of it, the muscle relaxants may help. If these methods don’t work, the next thing the doctor will do is begin running tests such as X-rays, MRIs or ultrasounds, etc. With these tests, if there is something that happened to your back, it will show up.

If after these tests have been ran, they doctor still doesn’t know what is wrong, the treatment of chronic back pain without a cause might be counseling to determine if the patient is suffering from stress or depression, both of which can cause symptoms in the body. If you’ve seen a good doctor, he or she will do everything they can to give you the best treatment of chronic back pain without a cause.