A person’s neck has an important and difficult job, which is holding their head up. Prolonged poor posture such as sitting hunched over in bed reading or leaning into your personal computer for hours on end can cause abnormalities in the neck muscles and left side neck pain. Even with the necks incredible motion range it is still subject to damage. Tension is a very common cause of neck pain including left side neck pain, headaches, and back pain.

Recurrent neck pain and left side neck pain can affect people of any age and in any occupations, such as homemakers, executives, bus drivers, factory workers, and computer operators. Recurrent neck trouble or left side neck pain can have an affect on your work abilities, sleeping habits, personality, and personal relationships. People suffering from chronic neck pain or left side neck pain can suffer from depression, loss of income, or feel socially isolated.

There are several ways to help manage or relieve recurring neck and left side neck pain. Ergonomic desk chairs are designed for body comfort and to correct poor posture when sitting at your desk or computer for hours on end. For people experiencing symptoms such as, neck pain, left side neck pain, tension headaches, shoulder pain, knee pain, or sore backs, ergonomic desk chairs give overall body support, especially to the shoulder and neck areas. They also provide arm support and lumbar support, with a seat designed to support your thighs and legs, allowing your feet to sit on the floor correctly.

To prevent or reduce left side neck pain, throw out your old pillow and invest in a good supportive pillow. Look for one that gives you excellent support and keeps your back and head aligned whether you sleep on your side or back. Many people use the same pillow for years never realizing that pillows, just like other items, eventually wear out and lose their effectiveness.

Talking on the telephone for any length of time, holding the receiver up to your ear or with it tucked between your shoulder and neck can strain your neck and cause right or left side neck pain. You should avoid putting any type of excess strain on your neck structures. Anyone that spends a great deal of time on the telephone should consider either a headset or a speakerphone to free up his or her hands and keep their neck in alignment.

Use ice, heat, or both to relieve left side neck pain because they help increase the circulation. Some people find applying ice helps more while others prefer a heating pad to relieve the pain or you can also alternate between the two. Never leave an ice pack on for any length of time because you could end up with frostbite or other problems. If the site of your left side neck pain is swollen or inflamed, avoid heat because it will make this worse.