The neck has one of the toughest jobs of the whole body. The job of the neck
is to hold up the head. This is why people need to ensure the support of a
new born baby�s neck until it has developed enough. Many people suffer from
neck pain and it can be due to many different things. It could be due to
posture, occupation, arthritis, or it may be indicative of other more
serious problems. However, the commonality between all of these causes is
that each individual will be searching for neck and upper back pain relief.
The design of the neck is also partially responsible for the injuries and
pain that can occur. The design of the neck with all of its interconnected
structures does give an incredible range of motion; however, there is a
downside to this. The parts are susceptible to normal wear and tear. Also it
is extremely common injuries of the neck due to whiplash. Whiplash is due to
the overstretching of the interconnecting parts of the neck. Neck and upper
back pain relief can come from many different products, medications, and
exercises. Neck and upper back pain relief is so essential because of the
location. Having neck pain can also mean that there are headaches, jaw pain,
shoulder pain, and arm pain. Other than neck pain there also could be
numbness and tingling that occurs down the arms and shoulders.

Neck and upper back pain that is accompanied by headache and fever could be
a sign of meningitis. The rule that people should go by is that if your neck
is stiff to the point that the chin cannot be touched to your chest then you
need to seek help from a physician immediately. However, when seeking neck
and upper back pain relief when the pain has not been caused by a recent
injury should be checked by a physician just to be sure. Meningitis can be a
very serious condition and need to be caught as soon as possible. Meningitis
is an infection in the membranes that surround the brain. Neck and upper
back pain relief can be obtained through different types of pillows, wraps,
heat pads, medications, exercises, and many different alternative methods.
When the neck pain is due to whiplash or a recent injury sometimes a neck
brace is worn for a short period to ensure that worsening of the injury does
not occur from moving it incorrectly. For people who are taking pain
medications, it is essential that a physician be contacted incase there is a
chance that those medications could interfere with already prescribed