Our set of 2 protects and supports the lumbar area of your back with the PosturePro. This lightweight support gently cradles your back and encourages correct posture. Ergonomic design gives firm and comfortable support while breathable mesh material circulates air to keep you cool. Elastic bands stretch to fit most standard-sized desk chairs. Slip the PosturePro over car seats for a more comfortable ride. Perfect for long hours of sitting, while traveling, working, watching television, sewing, scrapbooking, reading and more. You’ll want several, for the office, home, car and RV. Posture ProT helps reduce back and neck strain,promoting good posture for long hours of sitting at home, in the office or evenin the car! Streamline lumbar support system cradles natural back curvature, forcing you to sit correctly. Adjustable for comfort. Breathable mesh fabric circulates cool air. 16 1/2 x 141/4 x 5 1/4″. Great for home, car, office, gift, etc.