This Back Pain Relief Magnetic Heated Therapy Massager adopts five integrated therapy concepts–traction therapy, low and medium frequency therapy, infrared therapy, six ways of pulse massaging therapy, and magnetic therapy.
The concept of this back massager is specially designed and studied according to the human vertebral physiological curve so as to apply the application of the traction therapy into the waist massaging device. With other noninvasive therapy programs, it can help relieve lumbar soreness as well as massaging your waist for tension relaxation.
The Back Pain Relief Massager is for therapeutic healing treatment for relaxation or for people who have back pain, waist pain, tired back, sore spine, as well as sore sole. It is suitable for physiotherapy of diseases such as cervical spondylosis, shoulder periathritis, prolepses of the lumbar intervertebral disk, chronic lumbar strain, arthritis and rheumatology.
And more, it also plays some roles as of noninvasive therapies in decreasing high blood pressure, stomachache and beautification as well as disease prevention, health caring and healing. It also shows auxiliary therapeutic effect for other disease as result of renal deficiency, such as sexual dysfunction and dysmenorrheal.

Back Massager for Lumbar and Back Pain Relief with Magnetic Heated Healing Therapy