In our quick-fix society, we often search for easy medical fixes. We make a diagnosis, put it in a box, and provide a medication, manipulation or surgical intervention to treat the diagnosis. Sixty million Americans who suffer with chronic pain tell us that this approach does not work.

Back pain is a major manifestation of chronic suffering, and effective treatment is based on understanding both the body and the mind. The science of medicine explores the mind-body interface. The art of medicine transforms this exploration into practical solutions.

Back Pain Understood provides an easy-to-follow format that provides practical solutions for the healthcare practitioner and patient.

Explore for yourself what Back Pain Understood can offer you:

* An understanding of chronic pain

* An understanding of the anatomy and function of the back

* An understanding of the mind-body connection

* An understanding of the many types of back pain presentations

* An understanding of multi-disciplinary treatment options

* Wonderful illustrations and photographs that complement the text

* Numerous real-life patient healing stories

Back Pain Understood: A Cutting-edge Approach to Healing Your Back