Back Pain&#151What Works! is a complete, easy-to-read guide to understanding your back and what you can do to cure, treat, and prevent back problems. From preventative measures to last-resort surgery, Back Pain&#151What Works! takes the mystery out of back trouble. Inside you’ll learn:

How the back works and what causes pain
How to improve your back with simple excercises
What to expect from back exams and diagnostic tests
What medications are available for pain
What alternative therapies and options exist
How stress, fatigue, and depression affect back health
What you should know before you have back surgery
How to make sure you get the best possible care

Featuring a section addressing frequently asked questions, as well as specific chapters on back trouble and sex, sports and travel, Back Pain&#151What Works! is a comprehensive handbook to healing the back.

About the Authors

Joseph Kandel, M.D., is founder and medical director of the Neurology Center of Naples (Florida), as well as co-author of Migraine&#151What Works! (Prima). His articles have appeared in numerous medical journals, and he is a popular speaker on disorders of the spine.

David B. Sudderth, M.D., co-author of Migraine&#151What Works (Prima), is the senior partner at the Neurology Center of Naples and co-founder of the Gulfcoast Spine Institute in Naples.

Back Pain – What Works!: A Comprehensive Guide to Preventing and Overcoming Back Problems