In Bernard Schatz’s highly significant book, Chronic Pain Self-treatment, Including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome–The Schatz Techniqueâ„¢-Chronic Pain Prevention and Treatment Method, an entire nation of pain sufferers is given hope…and the possibility of a surgery-free, pain-free future. Nothing is more debilitating than chronic pain. It interferes with family relationships, work, and our everyday lives. Physical Therapist Bernard Schatz understands this more than most, having dedicated his professional life of more than a half-century to the treatment of chronic pain. Embraced by the general public as well as the medical community–legendary physician “Patch” Adams not only recommends this book, but has invited Schatz to teach his technique in Dr. Adams’ new hospital, scheduled to open soon–this approach is innovative and non-invasive. From the search into the cause of chronic pain to medical treatments, from the dangers of unnecessary surgeries to the safe Schatz Technique®, this book offers hope to so many who suffer from chronic pain.

Quoting from the back cover of the book: Contracted tissues that press on nerves are the primary cause of Chronic Pain. In this book readers are given detailed instructions on how to explore those tissues, so they become normal and healthy once again. When this happens, the Chronic Pain they have suffered goes away and stays away.

People choose expensive non effective treatment methods and gadgets out of desperation, but NOW readers of this book can understand and use The Schatz Technique® method that will remove the cause for desperation and save money because it WORKS.

The Schatz Technique® contains the SECRET OF EXPLORING YOUR TISSUES.  It is this simple understanding of the cause of chronic pain, and the use of ones fingers exploring of the tissues that makes all the difference in the world.

Chronic Pain Self-treatment Including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: The Schatz Technique- Chronic Pain Prevention and Treatment Method