Chronic knee, hip and back pain is a problem of epidemic proportions leaving millions of sufferers desperate to find relief. But after trying invasive surgery and countless therapies, all claiming to eliminate chronic musculoskeletal pain, why are so many still suffering with indescribable pain?

The answer is that a source of chronic musculoskeletal pain has – until now – remained unknown. For this reason, the best that health care practitioners can do in some cases is to help patients simply manage their chronic muscle and joint pain.

In his groundbreaking book, Chronic Pain Expert Prof/Dr Brian A Rothbart finally reveals his discovery of a previously unknown source of chronic pain and his therapy secret to success for thousands of his patients who now live pain free lives.

In this passionate and easy to understand book, you will discover:

  • Why current treatments for chronic muscle and joint pain don’t work
  • What is the solution to end your chronic musculoskeletal pain – permanently
  • How to quickly determine if Professor Rothbart’s therapy is for you
  • How, through advanced technology, your body will heal itself for good

Resulting from Professor Rothbart’s 40 years in research and clinical practice, this revolutionary therapy has proven successful where other therapies have failed.

Because of Professor Rothbart’s devotion to helping others, he now shares his discoveries and therapy with the public, in order to reach out to you, the chronic pain sufferer, and offer you a permanent solution and improved quality of life. Through this innovative therapy, you can join the thousands of people worldwide who are now living forever free from chronic muscle and joint pain

The intended audiences are:

  • People suffering from chronic muscle and joint pain who have tried everything and nothing has permanently worked to eliminate their pain
  • Health care practitioners, both allopathic and alternative

Forever Free From Chronic Pain: The Pain Sufferer’s Guide to Getting Your Life Back