For $0.99, you can enjoy a physical therapy session right on your Kindle! Learn how to prevent and treat your back pain with simple exercises and great tips that can save your back! Written by a licensed physical therapist. Prevent back surgeries and save your back, it’s not too late. Back pain is highly debilitating and almost everyone is prone to hurting their backs, even from a simple bend and snap.

EXCERPT: A majority of patients I see, as a physical therapist, suffer from back pain, specifically lower back pain. Along with back pain, my patients also have neck pain. Rarely is the pain in the middle back, the strong thoracic area where the spinal discs do not slip (disc herniation). Disc herniations occur mainly in the cervical spine (neck), and the lumbar spine (lower back.) Herniations lead to pain and dysfunction since the slipped discs press on nerves. When this happens, in the neck, the arms can become weak, numb, or tingle. When this happens in the back, the same goes for the legs. Weakness, numbness, tingling.
Disc herniations are quite problematic. Some people require surgery, and those who are in physical therapy can need at least three to six months to fully recover.
To prevent slipped discs, back pain, muscle spasms, and suffering, follow the tips found in this guide and you can save your back, avoid back braces, pain pills, therapy, and spinal surgeries. And even those who are currently suffering from back pain, follow these tips to save your back! For $.99, you can enjoy a session with a licensed physical therapist who has treated over a hundred patients with back pain in the past year. I also follow these tips myself and have not experienced debilitating back pain, even after lifting 200+ pound patients in the hospital!

(I would offer these tips for free, but I don’t know how to sell free ebooks on Kindle, yet!)

HOW TO SAVE YOUR BACK: A Ninety-Nine Cent Lower Back Pain Session with a Physical Therapist