A leading back surgeon reveals the truth about-and the alternatives to-back surgery, for more than 65 million sufferers.

According to Dr. Nathaniel Tindel, there is an alternative to back surgery in 19 out of 20 cases. This authoritative and plain-spoken guide to what back surgery can and can’t do reveals behind-the-scenes information on back pain, back doctors, and back treatments delivered candidly, using case studies and clinical evidence. It arms readers with the information and the courage to ask the right doctors the right questions, so that they can make the right decisions. Topics covered include:

– What causes back pain and sciatica
– Why surgery doesn’t always work
– The truth about disc replacement
– The key to successful pain management
– Back-pain emergencies
– Types of surgery and non-surgical alternatives
– Surgical risks

I’ve Got Your Back: The Truth About Spine Surgery, Straight From a Surgeon