Hardbound. The book summarizes the best available evidence of the management of acute and chronic low back pain. The evidence is presented in a clinically relevant order, to guide the practitioner through understanding the problem, taking a history, performing an examination, ordering investigations, and eventually prescribing treatment.

Costs of low back pain (in dollars, diminishing quality of life and loss of skilled workforce) continue to escalate and become an increasing burden to governments, the private sector and society in general. The book challenges traditional dogmas, orthodox and alternative medicine, institutionalized practices and political correctness.

At times the text is provocative and controversial with its thought-stimulating approach. The style reflects the authors’ personae, is user friendly, and promotes communication.

It is an excellent review for graduates and a clinical relevant text for students. The book is a must for

Medical Management of Acute and Chronic Low Back Pain: Pain Research and Clinical Management Series, Volume 13