Most of us suffer from one kind of muscle pain or another, and most of us hide it so that we can keep the job, enjoy the family, play the sport. In this book, health and fitness expert Bonnie Prudden provides the us with the information and tools and shows how we can conteract and then eliminate most muscle pain through her program of Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy or muscle therapy. Covering the body from head to toe, she traces the manifestations of pain to their source (trigger points), explains why such pain develops, and then offers both short-term (Quick-Fix) and long-term (Permanent-Fix) relief. In so doing, she delineates a thoroughgoing program of physical fitness and exercise that will prevent the recurrence of most muscle pain. Myotherapy is profusely illustrated, with step-by-step-exercises and detailed photographs and diagrams that indicate exactly what part of the body and which muscles are being worked on. Additional chapter discuss the importance of posture, offer sound advice on aging, and explain how Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy is being used to treat sports injuries and improve athletic performance. The author describes the kinds of pains and symptoms that are an accepted part of many occupations, hobbies and disease and how they can be counteracted.