PERMANENTLY ELIMINATE YOUR BACK PAIN with this audio CD program and included easy-to-follow action guide. After suffering for more than 20 years with reoccurring back pain, daily headaches, and digestive problems that required prescription medications and restricted his daily activities, Daniel Vargas learned that his pain conditions were stress induced and totally reversible! Although you might not feel over stressed, the pain is a red light indicator telling you otherwise. The pain is your body’s way of putting on the brakes to slow down incoming stress by forcing you to back off on some of the things that are causing you stress. By understanding this and learning how to reduce the stress that has built up in your system over the years, and learning that you have more control over your body than you have previously thought, Daniel’s program shows you how to literally turn off the pain. Four steps to eliminating your back pain: 1. Knowledge – learn why & how stress causes physical pain, 2. Acceptance – realize why and how you are affected, 3. Address Your Stress – how to appropriately deal with built-up stress, 4. Outsmart your pain – use your brain to heal the true cause of your pain. You will not be managing your pain; you will be eliminating it! This program focuses on back pain, but can be used to treat many other ongoing or reoccurring pain conditions. Conveniently listen to this audio program in your car or on your personal music device. What do you have to lose, besides your pain? Running time approximately 74 minutes.