Lower back problems are the most frequent reason for referral to orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, and physicians specializing in occupational medicine. Eighty percent of adults will experience lower back pain during their lifetime. Obviously, there is a great need for an authoritative, friendly voice to discuss and help with lower back pain, and Dr. Ellis Friedman is that voice. In OUTWITTING BACK PAIN, Friedman acts as mentor and friend, in addition to offering sound medical advice to readers. It is written in nontechnical language and offers clear x-ray illustrations to help readers understand the structure and function of the back, how it can be injured, how the problem can be diagnosed, and the methods of treatment.

With chapters on: .

The Back: What it is and how it works .
The key to a successful diagnosis .
Getting to the heart of your back pain:
How the back gets hurt and what we do to learn what went wrong .
How we don’t treat the back: What doesn’t work–and why .
How we treat the injured back .
Back pain during pregnancy and after delivery .
Our backs as we age .
Staying out of trouble:
Preventive maintenance .
and Glossary, checklists, “What to Ask Your Doctor” worksheets, additional resources (Web sites and additional places patients can turn to for help), and more.

Outwitting Back Pain: Why Your Lower Back Hurts and How to Make It Stop