Spinal Stabilization – The New Science of Back Pain, 2nd Edition is the most comprehensive and scientifically accurate resource for the general public on the subject of low back pain.

Updated and expanded to include the most current research regarding low back pain and its treatment, this easy-to-read guide provides readers with ‘need to know’ information about the spine, effectively taking the mystery out of back pain and its treatment.

Based upon sound and current research, ‘Spinal Stabilization’ describes how the spine and its muscles are intended to work, and how this changes once back pain sets in.

New to the second edition is a clear discussion of the critical differences between stabilization exercises used by people with back pain and those who want a more high-performance, athletic spine. This is a key area author Rick Jemmett felt compelled to address.

“There is still a significant amount of confusion in the rehabilitation, fitness and sports conditioning professions as to what truly constitiutes therapeutic stabilization exercises. The better quality research is actually quite clear on this yet many people remain stuck on the idea that exercising on a ball will correct low back pain. Some low back pain patients might feel better temporarily with such programs, but we now have the ability to do so much more than this. Instead of simply reducing the symptoms for a short while, we have the ability to achieve a true correction of the problem.”

Spinal Stabilization, 2nd Edition is divided into two sections. The first describes in detail the scientifically proven Australian approach of therapeutic segmental stabilization exercise. Clear descriptions along with illustrations and photos give readers the tools they need to correctly perform these important exercises. The second section discusses the use of ‘Integrated Training’ in sport-specific conditioning programs. This involves the simultaneous training of the body’s stability, balance and strength systems for maximum athletic performance.