This practical text, written by four key researchers in the field, offers an effective approach to the management and treatment of back pain based on applications of biomechanics. By linking the clinical anatomy of the spine to biomechanics principles, it provides a bridge between anatomy and practical applications. This highly illustrated, up-to-date book is essential reading for anyone involved in the care and treatment of patients with back pain, as well as for those studying its causes and methods of prevention.

  • Addresses the important and prevalent problem of back pain thoroughly from a unique biomechanics perspective.
  • Written especially for practitioners, the book presents information in a way that is relevant to therapists who treat patients with back pain.
  • Authored by four of the leading researchers in the field from different professional backgrounds, the book comprehensively examines back pain from diverse perspectives.
  • Provides an understanding of back mechanics that is necessary in order to form an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Six new chapters are included: Growth and Aging of the Lumbar Spine; Spinal Degeneration; Biomechanics of Spinal Surgery; Surgery for Disc Prolapse; Spinal Stenosis and Back Pain; and Conservative Management of Back Pain.
  • Expanded sections on spinal growth and aging provide additional comprehensive information on this important topic.
  • Includes additional and updated information on the interpretation and explanation of spine research literature.
  • An expanded color plate section with 23 new black-and-white photographs and 21 new line drawings illustrate the content clearly.