The vast majority of women suffer from back pain while they are pregnant, during labor, and/or post partum. This book was written to address, entertain, empower and inform women about back pain related to pregnancy. The book explains the unique pains and potential for pain associated with pregnancy, why they might be experiencing pain, and how pain can be avoided, as well as treatment options. Back pain is an ongoing issue with well over half of pregnant women today, yet it is shocking how little information on diversity of treatment is available. What little information that is on the market is relatively outdated and, at best, incomplete. Surgery for pregnancy-related back pain is usually inappropriate and pharmacological treatments of back pain during pregnancy are limited due to side effects of drugs on the fetus. After reading this book, mothers and mothers-to-be will understand how their pregnancy and new maternal activities affect their backs. This book will place them on the right path to relieving their back pain.

The Other Side of Pregnancy: A Doctor and Dad Looks At Reducing Neck and Back Pain during and After Pregnancy