If you suffer from mild to chronic back or joint pain and want a drug-free way to cure and prevent it — and build strength, endurance, and overall fitness at the same time — there’s finally a solution: It’s The Posture Prescription. With his incredible, lifestyle-changing program, pioneering back surgeon Dr. Arthur White shows readers ten basic motions that can be incorporated into everyday activities, like getting into a car, talking on the phone, or reading a newspaper. The movements are simple: they include standing properly, squatting, bending from the hip, and lunging. Learn to perform each movement correctly and use them in your daily activities to:

Strengthen muscles and relieve joints
Make stagnant time active
Promote a healthy back

With no need for special equipment or workout gear or for visits to a chiropractor, surgeon, or massage or physical therapist, The Posture Prescription is the key to strength, mobility, and freedom from back pain.

The Posture Prescription: The Doctor’s Rx for: Eliminating Back, Muscle, and Joint Pain; Achieving Optimum Strength and Mobility; Living a Lifetime of Fitness and Well-Being