A unique structural, nutritional, and emotional approach to understanding and treating back pain—now in paperback.

Most health practitioners and back pain books focus mostly on structural causes and treatments of back pain. A few look at the effect of stress and other emotional issues. But only Drs. Todd and Sheldon Sinett have pioneered a comprehensive, three-tiered approach to treating back pain based on their belief that back pain can result from three different types of issues: structural, chemical, or emotional. The Truth About Back Pain introduces a shift in the diagnosis and treatment of back pain that is holistic, favoring noninvasive solutions.

Once the origin of back pain is understood, appropriate action can take place to achieve relief. This book’s program provides practical guidance and specific advice ranging from exercise and meal plans to techniques for dealing with stress as it dispels common myths and misconceptions that can hamper recovery.

The Truth About Back Pain: A Revolutionary, Individualized Approach to Diagnosing and Healing Back Pain