At ergo~health, we assume a holistic approach to health, wellness, and living an enriched lifestyle. Our 4 year old company has been built upon the 20 years of Dr. Chris Oswald’s clinical practice. ergo~health is an emerging leader in the design, development, manufacturing, and distribution of clinically tested ergonomic products. Our Second Spine Air Lumbar combines portability with adjustability to provide a back support suitable for any location. Our easy to use back support has been designed with a portable air bladder surrounded by a gentle foam cushion that is adjusted using an aspirator bulb. Use the hand held-pump to quickly and easily adjust support to the desired firmness. It easily attaches to any chair or car seat and aids in lower back pain and neck pain. Our Second Spine produces have been tested in laboratories and clinically proven to reduce and/or completely eliminate stress and back pain. All of our products come with an easy to follow user guide to ensure a proper fit to their individual size. For customer service please contact Shannon Wright at ergo~health 416-967-3746.