The full back posture support/upper back support is designed to support the back and shoulders.There are two foam lined straps that go over the shoulder and under the arm. The straps then crisscross across the lower back and wrap around the abdomen with an adjustable Velcro closure in the front. By tightening the Velcro in the front it supports the shoulders by pulling them back and up. As the shoulders move back the chest comes forward and the back and spine become straighter. The back panel is made with a durable military grade canvas duct material and there are three support stays sewn into the material so the support will maintain its shape and positioning. By using the full back design it also helps to relieve pressure on the tissue under the arms by having the straps wrap around the body at a lower spot. This product and all products come with 100% money back guarantee.

Size Guide

For correct size measure from center of back over shoulder under arm and back to center of back

Small ( Less than 32″)
Medium ( 32″-34″)
Large (34″-38″)
X-Large (38″-42″)
XX-Large (42″-46″)

Full Back Posture Support / Posture Aid / Posture Back Brace / Shoulder Back Support, Medium