Professional Electronic Dual Channel Massager is an easy to use, safe and non-invasive body massager that provides a variety of benefits.

This dual channel electronic massager enables you to effectively reduce and relieve your pain symptoms caused by cervical spondylosis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, arthritis, and lumbar muscle pain, as well as alleviate symptoms of peripheral nerve palsy and myalgia (muscle and nerve pain) through therapeutic massage and non-invasive acupuncture.

For active people, it provides a flexible massaging experience which has a very beneficial effect on muscle and back, shoulders or neck stiffness. This unit is also very good for soothing overall bodily fatigue and improves blood circulation and metabolism in the treated areas.

Intelligent electronics preprogrammed treatments allow a wide variety of applications. Setting the device is remarkably easy and each massage mode and program stage is easy to monitor on the large display. The intensity of electronic pulse of each channel can be adjusted individually. In addition, the equipment includes a 2500Hz waveform designed to get into deep layers of tissue.

Timer: 5,10,15,20,25, 30 minutes
Intensity level: 1-10
Frequency: 1-2500Hz
Power: DC 9V (included)

Professional 2500Hz Dual Channel Electronic Massager, Acupuncture Therapist for Back and Body, Pain Relief & Body Shaping Programs (with 4 extra pads for Free)