The orthopedic Leg Wedge Pillow is a dual-function modern wedge pillow that mixes the reactive pressure-alleviating support of memory foam with the delicate and comfy touch of cotton velour fabric. The Leg Wedge pillow has an hourglass forms that outlines your body, providing the right support between your knees and thighs and instantly the tension disappears from your back and hips as this great orthopedic pillow line ups your spine in a healthy position and your back muscles are relaxed. Besides, this pillow can also be used as a leg spacer because it moves with you as you turn from during the night without requiring uncomfortable straps, providing you a relaxing night sleep and ache-free wake ups. This is a orthopedic leg spacer pillow turns your side sleeping much more enjoyable and it is the ideal pregnancy pillow for moms-to-be who have to sleep on their sides as their pregnancies progress. This adaptable memory foam pillow opens out into a soothing leg elevation pillow and relaxes you as the caring memory foam embraces and supports your legs, a great combination to alleviate swelling and discomfort of varicose veins. Besides, this great pillow eliminates pressure points on your lower limbs, and it also promotes healthier circulation through the legs, stimulating better blood flow to your legs and feet, alleviating aches, pains and muscle cramps.

Super Soft Leg Spacer – A Leg Pillow & Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers and Pregnancy Pillow