Sports medicine has become one of the most well-developed and advanced fields of medical science in the recent years. The massive spurt in this field has also been accompanied by an increasing number of facilities for education and training in sports medicine.

A greater number of undergraduates now opt to join a suitable college of sports medicine, through careful analysis of the programs offered and the possible future career options.

In this section, we’ve discussed the basics of joining a college of sports medicine, along with each of its allied aspects.

The Key Aspects

To begin with, a student interested in pursuing a professional degree in sports medicine should preferably have a background of undergraduate education in biology, physical education, nursing, physical therapy or athletic training. A good college of sports medicine will also prefer to take in students with a strong background in the natural sciences.

Overall, a graduate program taken up in a college of sports medicine is designed to prepare the students for various opportunities including athletic training at clinical and professional levels.

These programs have the core objective of preparing the student for prevention, management, evaluation and rehabilitation of athletic injuries, along with the multiplicity of demands in context of the effective implementation of sports at varied levels.

Other Options

Students desirous of taking up a career in sports medicine, but unable to join regular colleges for certain reasons, can also opt for distance learning options, which is another facility offered by a college of sports medicine.

Such programs generally require that each of the students work with one of the faculty members on a one-on-one basis. The best aspect of such a facility offered by a college of sports medicine remains that students can enrol at anytime during the year, owing to the rolling enrolment provision.

In addition, a college of sports medicine also offers residential learning experiences. In these programs, a student is generally allowed to select a two-summer option in which classes are offered in two week and six week mini sessions. Based on individual students’ demands, at times the college of sports medicine might also offer course on the campus during the semester or in clustered arrangements off-campus.

Selecting a College of Sports Medicine

When choosing on a specific college of sports medicine, it is important to consider a few set of factors.

To begin with, it is important to analyze the practical training facilities the college of sports medicine might offer. It is also important to know the associations such a college has with actual sporting organizations to facilitate hands-on and factual experience training to its students.