Physical therapy requires a strict education to ensure the success and quality of care that each patient will receive. One of the major functions of the American Physical Therapy Association is to make certain that physical therapy schools are exceeding expectations placed upon them and that they are creating the best professionals in the field. There are many physical therapy schools in the United States.

As expected, physical therapist are trained in various science courses. This begins in high school where prospective physical therapists should concentrate their studies in anatomy, biology, mathematics, and physics as well as other sciences. This will continue over into college where grades are expected to remain high and studies are seen as even more important. These studies will become more specialized once the students enter physical therapist programs. Kinesiology and pathology, as well as techniques and therapeutic programs, are focused upon. Volunteering in physical therapy clinics will be required before entering into accredited programs as this will help acclimate the student to the industry. This will give the students a small taste of what the profession will be like. Usually, volunteers help in hospitals and clinics.

Besides education, potential physical therapists should possess wonderful people skills. They will be required to speak one on one with patients and inform and educate them as to their condition, and the methods of treatment. Compassion, understanding and listening skills will be vital and those that lack such skills will not make it far in the profession. It may be advisable to take courses on honing these skills as they will be one of the most effective tools in treatment and evaluation.

Almost every state has accredited therapy schools. The American Physical Therapy Association has a very extensive list of physical therapy schools that they maintain. There are now available two degrees; either a masters or a doctorate. However, it will not be until the student passes the National Physical Therapy Examination that they will be granted a license to practice physical therapy. This examination is only available to students who pass an accredited physical therapy program.

Physical therapy schools and programs are also available in many countries under the name of Physiotherapy. Like the United States, these physical therapy schools also promote a high level of education to make certain that patients receive the best care possible. The programs vary of course from the United States, though the objectives remain the same. The United Kingdom requires only three instead of four years of college. Canadians are expected to already have an undergraduate degree before applying to any physical therapy schools.

Physical therapy schools are needed in ensuring that patients and those that use the services of a physical therapist receive excellent care. Since this profession focuses on restoring mobility to those in pain or suffering, it is important to excel in all courses of study and have superior interpersonal skills. Physical therapy schools are offered in nearly every state, but it is important to make sure the program is fully accredited.