Physical therapy involves many devices and supplies that aid and help in the rehabilitation of the patient. The therapist uses supplies to increase the effectiveness of the treatment and to assist the patient in any number of ways. Supplies can include anything from mundane disposable articles to specialized products.

The goal of physical therapy is restoring normal movement and function to the patient. No matter the cause or the ailment, physical therapists are able to manipulate and treat the area so that some if not all movement is returned. Basically, a return to normalcy is the ultimate goal if possible; if not, then to allow the patient the highest quality of life possible. Physical therapy supplies will be of great use in this endeavour and are necessary for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients.

Physical therapy supplies such as cushions and pillows are employed by both the patient and the therapist to reduce any unneeded stress that is placed on joints or extremities that are either in pain or are affected by the condition or ailment. Pillows can be used to help adjust the body by improving posture while sitting in a chair or laying in the bed. A pillow between the legs can help straighten the spine and reduce stressed muscles and lessen pain. These physical therapy supplies are often used in the home of patients to continue treatment when out of the therapist’s office.

Weights are another important physical therapy supply. Weights such as light dumbbells are used to strengthen muscles. Ankle weights can be used to increase resistance and can even be employed in hydrotherapy sessions.

Hot and cold packs help in pain reduction. There are plenty of store bought supplies that operate in the same manner as these such as heating pads. Physical therapists use these devices often.

Physical therapy supplies such as electrodes should only be used by the therapist. Yet, the benefits of this supply are very beneficial to the patient. Electrodes target a certain group of muscles and the charge causes these muscles to contract. This will increase the blood supply to the area promoting health and quickening recovery time. The physical therapist will be well trained in the use of electrodes, though it could be dangerous for amateurs. Always discuss the usage and benefits of this type of physical therapy.

Physical therapy supplies are numerous indeed. With every bit of research and innovation, the number of physical therapy supplies increases. The primary objective of all devices remains the same; the aiding of rehabilitation, the reduction of pain, and the restoration of movement to the patient.