Physical activity always carries with the risk of minor as well as major injuries and illnesses. This is especially true in case of sportspersons and athletes who are involved in aggressive physical activity in a competitive environment.

Experts suggest having hindsight in this issue and being prepared well in advance to handle any of such contingencies and injuries.

The Components

In this section, we’ve discussed the basics of sports medicine kits and the items they need to carry.

A) First-Aid Requirements

Generally the sports medicine kits of players in different categories carry a number of items as a part of their first-aid kit.

Here we list the main items included in such a kit as a part of the main sports medicine kit.

i) Sports medical trainer’s bag
ii) Elastic adhesive bandages
iii) Crepe bandages
iv) Eye pads
v) Triangular bandages
vi) Gauze swabs
vii) Melolin dressings
viii) Smelling salts
ix) Sterile saline
x) Insulating tape
xi) Cotton wool
xii) Sterile suture strips
xiii) Reusable hot/cold packs
xiv) Wound washes
xv) Savlon/antiseptic cream
xvi) Scissors
xvii) Antiseptic wipes
xviii) Tweezers
xix) Safety pins
xx) Micropororus tapes
xxi) Anticoagulant blood clotting spray

Properly equipped and good quality sports medicine kits are a cause of special concern on the part of athletes as well as their coaches and managers.

Further on, we list some of the other main categories of items required in well-equipped sports medicine kits.

a) Fanny packs

The fanny packs are an essential commodity as they are easier to carry and also enable the athlete to keep the basic necessities in place.

b) Sling bags

These bags come in different varieties and sizes and form one of the most attractive parts of the sports medicine kits. Apart from being attractive in looks, these sling bags are often very spacious and carry practically designed compartments, allowing better space management.

B) Bum Bags

This well-stocked item of the sports medicine kits is intended to provide spacious and large compartments in an easy to carry packing.

Such bum bags generally have multiple compartments, with separate sections for water bottles and freeze sprays.

Vendors and Providers

There are a vast range of service providers that offer sports medicine kits and the allied products to suit different requirements.

However, before finalizing on the specific sports medicine kits, it is important to analyze your own individual requirements and choose accordingly. For instance, if you are involved in water sports more than you are into running or other athletics, it is wiser to choose a kit that focuses more on water-resistant tapes and other material.